Full-Day Gourmet Ride: Sendai Arahama Teizan bori & Kumano Sanja Cycling Tour

【Product Details】

     This tour will completes two recommended half-day courses at once. Departing from the Natori City Cycle Sports Center, and we will first head for Sendai Arahama area. After enjoying seasonal fruits and riding along the hidden seaside cycling course, we will have a lunch at “漁亭浜や” (Fisherman’s Restaurant Hamaya). After a short break, depart from the seaside to the mountains. We will visit Natori Kumano Shrine, the only shrine in Japan to have three shrines dedicated to the same deity. Enjoy the spectacular view after climbing up Kumano-Nachi Shrine. Take a break with bread & drink made from home-grown seasonal vegetables. This is a full course that allows you to enjoy the seaside and hill climb in one day.



【Course Details】

Natori City Cycle Sports Center → Yuriage Bridge → Evacuation Hill → Teizan Canal Cycling Road → JR Fruit Park Sendai Arahama (seasonal fruit or ice cream) → Arahama Elementary School, a remains of the earthquake disaster → Kawamachi terrace Yuriage (lunch at Ryotei hamaya) → Andon Matsu → Kumano Shrine → Kumano-Hongu Shrine → Kumano Nachi Shrine → Agri Bread Cafe (bread & drink using seasonal vegetables) → Kawamachi terrace Yuriage (Japanese sweets) → Natori City Cycle Sports Center



Application Here it is

開催時間Duration:6 hours and 30 min
集合場所Natori City Cycle Sports Center
参加費【Fee includes】

Total:12,700 yen~(JPY)

Bicycle rental fee (helmet and drink included), lunch, ride staff fee, 3 kinds of Natori Sendai specialties (seasonal fruit or ice cream, bread & drink, Japanese sweets)